Hi, I'm
Titus Moore

Web & Mobile App Developer

I developed a love for building websites at a young age. As I grew older I decided I would teach myself how to code. Learning to code freed me from the constraints of simplistic templates and enabled me to build whatever I could imagine.

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A short story about me, when I first discovered web and app development

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At a young age I discovered the wonderful form of expression called the Website. I spent many early hours before school building websites dedicated to various topics.

I would use whatever resources I could find that would allow me to build the best websites that I could manage. But as I grew older I began to find that I could not build the websites to the specifications that I wanted. I was stuck. I wanted to build things the way I wanted, but was limited by what I had available to me.

So I researched, and that opened up the wonderful world of Web Development. At first the field seemed so daunting to someone who was only just beginning to learn how to program, the sheer number of languages and platforms were hard to comprehend.

But as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. My first step was in C#, but I didn't stop there.


The tech I use in Development

In the path to greatness every geek must choose the weapons he (or she!) will use to conquer any task he encounters. These weapons, however, are not made from wood and steel.

Rather, they are are made from if statements and while loops, classes and methods, scripts and cascades. The weapons I have chosen to continue my adventure with are C#, PHP, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and WordPress. With these I am able to overcome any challenge that may come my way.

I learned a great deal throughout High school and while participating in events like Buckeye Boys State and Cadet Leadership School (JROTC’s boot camp equivalent). I performed to the best of my ability and graduated with distinction from Cadet Leadership School. All of these experiences have impressed upon me the importance of hard work and good leadership in the workforce.

C# & .Net

The first programming language I learned was C#. While I don't use it everyday now, C# and the sites I used it to build still have a special place in my heart.

PHP & WordPress

You can't go wrong with the classics. There is defenietly a reason why WordPress is used in over 30 MILLION sites. With the right developer a Wordpress site can do incredible things.


React is a framework by Facebook, and it's wide use made it a no-brainer next step for me. The uniqueness compared to the rest of my techstack has lead to a lot of personal growth, giving this a special place in my heart.

My Projects.

As a developer each of the projects I work on are a representation of who I am. While development is typically viewed as a very technical craft, there is also an element of artistic expression in code. Here are a few of my masterpieces.

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Fire Service.

I have been blessed to be able to serve my community as a Firefighter. Becoming the next generation of Firefighter in my family.

I am a firefighter

My Hobbies.

While doing my activities as a professional I also have several hobbies that I am passionate about.

  • Violin
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Reading
  • Soccer
  • Open Source
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Let's be Friends.

We have to stick together as developers. The world is dark and full of "unfixable" bugs. I know how it feels to encounter what seem like insurmountable challenges. Sometimes a set of new eyes can help. Sometimes simply talking it through can also help. Either way feel free to reach out to a fellow developer!